Comprehensive Evaluation
Patients undergo a thorough assessment that includes interviews and questionnaires. Progress is monitored throughout treatment and after completing the program.

Care Management
Care managers assist individuals in identifying their goals and coordinating support services. A care manager will have weekly meetings or check-ins as needed with each participant to help improve well-being, independent functioning, and quality of life.

Peer Support
Graduates of the program help current patients practice new skills, develop effective coping techniques, and foster advocacy skills.

Support Group for Family Members
These meetings offer information on hoarding and its treatment, tips on how to talk to someone about their hoarding behaviors, health and safety issues related to hoarding, how to set boundaries, and the importance of self-care. We can refer family memvers to counseling or mental health services if needed.

After-Care and Recovery
We provide ongoing care management, after-care groups, additional individual psychotherapy sessions (as needed), and access to peer support.

Community Linkages
Available resources may include financial assistance, housing, food, legal help, or physical health services. We also collaborate with our community partners to help reduce the risk of homelessness for our patients.