CREST Community Program

Dear Community Partners,

We must sadly and regretfully announce that the future of the CREST Community Program is threatened as we are facing a potential lack of funding. We greatly appreciate your support and collective efforts in helping older adults with hoarding disorder over the last four years. Together we have made a significant difference in the lives of over 175 low income seniors with hoarding disorder, preventing evictions, improving quality of life, and increasing connections.

We have attached a presentation along with this article link highlighting the work that we have done.

We need help to keep this valuable program open. Feel free to distribute this to anyone who may be able to help with funding or if you have any ideas about how to keep our doors open. Our contact information is below.

The CREST Team

Contact information:

John Gault, LCSW

Brian Blanco, LCSW

Catherine Ayers, PhD, ABPP

Who We Are

Our treatment team is multidisciplinary, and includes psychologists, social workers, care managers, peer support specialist and mental professionals in training. Our approach, which is customized to each client’s strengths and needs, includes individualized therapy, case management, and peer support. The goal is to help client’s improve in all areas of functioning, including relationships, work, and the ability to maintain a safe environment for themselves and others.

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Our Treatment Approach

CREST stands for Cognitive Rehabilitation and Exposure/Sorting Therapy. Our innovative and patient-centered approach includes both of these components: Cognitive Rehabilitation is aimed at changing ways of thinking and organizing information through learning new skills and strategies. Our mental health professionals will meet with patients one on one to help enhance cognitive abilities, including flexible thinking, …


Comprehensive EvaluationPatients undergo a thorough assessment that includes interviews and questionnaires. Progress is monitored throughout treatment and after completing the program. Care ManagementCare managers assist individuals in identifying their goals and coordinating support services. A care manager will have weekly meetings or check-ins as needed with each participant to help improve well-being, independent functioning, and …

Hoarding Resources

There are a great deal of resources available for those do not qualify for CREST at this time. We highly recommend the following for those seeking help.

International OCD Foundation

At you can find a list of vetted private practitioners in your area who treat hoarding disorder!

Buried in Treasures

Authored by foremost experts in the treatment of hoarding, this book gives you all the tools to begin working toward decluttering your home.

Clutterer’s Anonymous

This is a free and open group based on the 12-step model of recovery similar to Alcoholics Anonymous. On their website ( you can find local meetings, additional resources, and more.